Travel Guidance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated 2/15/2022

Domestic Travel


Domestic travel for business or study requires a created and approved RTA (Request for Travel Authorization per the Handbook of Business Procedures:

  • Travel Management Services (TMS) recommends the use of Concur or a UT Contracted travel agency, and some departments require this due to reimbursement processes & duty of care.
    • The use of a UT contracted agency or Concur is highly recommended due to state airline rates, contracted airfares, 24-hour customer support provided as well as many useful benefits.
    • All travel, regardless of booking method, must be the best value for university funds.
    • Airfare not centrally billed and later cancelled are not eligible for reimbursement until used to book a new trip and travel is completed.
    • Travelers using online tools other than Concur must include the following statement on their purchase invoice submitted to the Accounting and Financial Management for reimbursement:“Online selection is the best value as consistent with institutional priorities.”

Health and Safety

UT Austin is following CDC domestic travel guidance to include information and terminology regarding vaccinations,quarantine/self-isolation, and testing.

  • Business travel by unvaccinated employees is permissible but not recommended consistent with CDC guidance.
  • Students and employees can access testing for free through the UT Proactive Community Testing.

International Travel


The University of Texas System policy has deemed all international travel as High Risk. Therefore, all university-related international travel (business, educational, medical, research, presentations, conferences, competitions, etc.) must be reviewed and approved by the International Oversight Committee (IOC). For more information on the steps to obtain approval for international travel, follow the International Travel Process.

  • Requests require Dean/VP and Chair approval.
  • Submit requests as early as possible, at least 5 weeks prior to departure.
  • Trips must be registered with On Call International  (UT System requirement) through the UT Austin International Travel Registry (UTAITR).
  • Travel arrangements (airfare, lodging, etc.) can be made prior to sending request to IOC.

Health and Safety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains the requirements to enter the United States. For more information on CDC international travel guidance, visit International Travel During COVID-19 and Department of Homeland Security.

UT Austin is following CDC international travel guidance to include information and terminology regarding vaccinations, quarantine/self-isolation, and testing.

  • Business travel by unvaccinated employees is permissible but not recommended consistent with CDC guidance.
  • All travelers must review the following information designed to prioritize your health and safety, along with the health of our campus community.

As a reminder, the university may not require individuals to receive a COVID-19 vaccine nor inquire about an individual’s vaccine status, other than healthcare professionals in order to provide appropriate care or for the purposes of contact tracing. Read more on Protect Texas Together.

Visitors to Campus

Visitors/researchers/scholars from abroad must be approved by the CSU/department. Delegations requiring engagement with multiple CSUs are coordinated by Texas Global and facilitated by completing the visiting delegation request form. All visitors will be subject to the same quarantine provisions as UT Austin approved travelers returning from abroad.