Our faculty members are what make Texas a university of the first class. It’s of the utmost importance that our faculty are supported and prepared while continuing their teaching, scholarship and research.

We are asking faculty members to teach remotely for the first two weeks of the spring 2022 semester, with a target date of January 31 to return to the originally assigned teaching modality. Some may choose to teach in person, while also providing online delivery between January 18 and January 28. Students will be notified as soon as possible if any of their courses will be taught with an in-person option.

All classes will shift back to the assigned teaching modality on January 31. At that time, we do not expect that online delivery will be provided for classes listed as in-person or hybrid in the course schedule. Therefore, students will be expected to be present for all in-person activities. If a student must miss class for health reasons, the student will need to make up missed work using standard procedures and resources, including student emergency services.

Students who are enrolled in classes that include clinical placements external to UT Austin will be contacted by their schools/colleges regarding expectations during the first two weeks of the semester.

We encourage faculty to continue to find ways to be equitable and flexible while adapting to the needs of your students.