Introducing the Protect Texas Together App

We know that returning to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether as a student or staff member, carries with it very real health and safety concerns. While on campus this semester, you’ll see many changes in our buildings, from reduced-capacity classrooms to enforced face mask policies and social distancing requirements.

Another tool we’re proud to offer is the Protect Texas Together app. Developed by UT students and researchers, the app includes features that can help all of us stay mindful about our health while protecting our friends and colleagues as well.

Downloading and using the Protect Texas Together App is strongly encouraged but completely voluntary, and no information will be shared with anyone outside The University of Texas at Austin.

Please note: Use your UT EID to sign into the app — the same one you use to sign into other UT resources. If you’re already using the beta version of the app, please uninstall prior to downloading the newest version with single sign-on and updated features.

Protect Texas Together app
The Protect Texas Together app is available on iOS and Android.
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No smartphone?
No problem.

You can access the same daily symptom tracker from any phone. The phone-based application requires a unique access code; if you have access to a computer, get your access code here: If you don’t have a computer or need assistance, call the UT Service Desk at 512-475-9400.


Symptom Survey and Symptom History

Log any symptoms that you are (or aren’t) feeling today to help decide if you should come to campus or stay home.

Campus Access Pass

Are you going to campus today? A Campus Access Pass verifies that you have taken the daily symptom survey and do not have  COVID-19  symptoms.


The app was developed by UT students and employees for UT students and employees, and the team’s first priority is protecting data privacy – theirs and yours. Read the full privacy policy.

Campus Room Check-In and History

Log the rooms, labs, or offices you visit each day, quickly and easily. This feature helps with contact tracing so that the university can quickly notify others of potential contact with someone who’s tested positive for COVID-19 and identify which rooms, if any, need to be closed and disinfected.

Contact Tracing

In an update this fall, the Protect Texas Together app will also be able to notify users that they may have been exposed to someone who’s tested positive for COVID-19 by analyzing location and room check-in information. All identities are kept anonymous. Look for more information once this feature becomes available.

COVID-19 Test Reporting and History

Easily find available testing locations on campus if you’re symptomatic. Or, if you volunteer to participate in on-campus proactive community (asymptomatic) testing, you will be able to link your test sample to your EID.  (Coming soon.)